They say that the best way to become a writer is to write every day.

I started this site with the intention of writing ‘more’. Every day might not happen right away, hell, it might not happen ever – but the goal is a good one.

I didn’t really have ‘rules’ in mind, but as I find a need for them I will add them to ‘the list’.

The Rules :

  1. No Take-backs : I might edit obvious spelling mistakes. I might change a sentence’s length  because it didn’t ‘look right’ in the preview screen. Otherwise what I post is what I wrote. Awkward? Clunky? Poorly Phrased? All parts of me.
    Update: I’ve arbitrarily given myself fifteen minutes from posting an entry. If I don’t see something that needs correcting within fifteen minutes, then it can’t be glaringly horrible.
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