“Luckily,” she thought, “My arms are above my head, or this would have been over a long time ago.”

She could feel the weight of her lover’s body holding her firmly down, pinning her legs, her hips, and making it almost impossible to move. The hands that were restraining her wrists were rough, and careless. It felt like she was trying to bench-press a truck, and it took almost everything she had just to hold him in place above her.

The room was hot and stuffy, and all this exertion was making moisture bead up on her naked skin. He barely seemed to be perspiring at all, his skin cooler than she would have expected where it touched hers. His feet must have found some purchase on the floor, because she felt the rough hemp rug scrape against the curve of her back side as his weight drove her forwards an inch or two. The sweat that had run down between her breasts betrayed her, allowing him to slide further up her body. She felt something firm bump against her hip, and hid a surge of excitement.

“Damn!” she thought “I need to keep my head in the game, or he is going to win!”

Slowly he leaned his head forward, groaning slightly, neck muscles straining as his lips got closer and closer to her neck. Normally she loved when he kissed her there. For a brief second she was distracted with an erotic flashback from the night before, remembering his teeth nipping her neck. Her lapse in attention allowed him to inch a little closer, she could feel ‘right now’ overlap with memory as the edges of his teeth briefly touch the soft skin above her shoulder. It would be so easy to surrender, so easy to just let him ravish her – but unlike last night’s agenda, today’s game was all about resisting as long as she could.

She gasped, and summoning the strength to recover lost ground, moved him backwards until his mouth was away from her throat.
“No biting!” she said, “I mean it!”.

His only response was another quiet moan as he shifted his weight, trying to throw her off balance in an attempt to get closer again. It was a tactical error on his part, and she would have smiled if she had the energy. Instead, she rolled her now free right hip upwards. His clumsy maneuver had overbalanced him. The slick perspiration on her wrists allowed her to tear one of them from his grasp, and she pushed against the floor to leverage herself upwards. Continuing with the momentum she rolled them both to her left, smoothly flipping over his body.

She came to rest straddling his stomach and hips, pressing her weight downwards to restrain him. He seemed disoriented for a second, and she took full advantage. As her free hand pinned his right arm to the floor, he released her other arm, desperately trying to recover. The best he could do was to fumble against her chest. He grabbed at her breasts, roughly, trying to find purchase to move her off of him; Her skin was too slick. She ignored the sharp pressure as he squeezed a nipple, inhumanly hard. “I’m not going to be distracted until this is finished lover.” she breathed.

Kate then reached across her body, grabbing the heavy, broken, table leg that had bumped her hip seconds earlier.
Raising it above her head, she looked deeply into the milky pale blue eyes of her lover, before slamming it downwards into the side of his skull several times.
He stopped struggling.

The table leg fell from her numb fingers, tumbling to the floor.
Tears welled up in her eyes, and she whispered to the grey skinned corpse beneath her …

“Why didn’t you tell me that one of them bit you yesterday?!”