Public service announcement :

I’ve had two friends consider/attempt to kill themselves this week. Not sure who knows, but 23 years-and-change ago my good friend Nana Prom committed suicide. I watched the people important to me tear themselves apart during the aftermath. It took me years .. decades .. to come to terms with how deeply I was affected, and how insidiously the pain from that one day had affected every relationship in my life.

I’m no stranger to depression. When I was a child, I had my own experiences with ‘the way out’. But please, anyone who reads this, stay in the world. We all fuck up our lives, lord knows I’ve taken more left turns than I can count, sometimes life travels strange roads. We will all die soon enough for my tastes; No good reason to hurry that along.

If you find your path getting darker than it should be, and you know me – at all – get on the phone. Call me. Email me. Facebook me. I don’t care if it’s 4:00am, Christmas Day, or my kid’s birthday. I don’t care if the last time we spoke involved yelling “I never want to talk to you again!”, if you stole from me, or fucked me over.

I will put 100% of that non-important shit aside. I will listen, I will not judge, whatever I can do – will be done. I hate Suicide more than anything you could ever have done to me, and keeping a soul out of that jealous bitch’s hands is worth any amount of effort required on my part.

Fuck her.